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34 Days is a rag about losing a lover and the hopeless feeling that ensues. Outlaw in Dm is about getting in trouble with the law and moving on. Irish Stout is a celebration of Irish intensity. Do That Messin' 'round is a Blind Blake song about having fun. Jake is a hokum song about a damn fine dog. Dyin' Crapshooter's Blues is a Blind Willie McTell song with "three different marches of tune" plus some gypsy violin. Mango Swing is a jug band tune by Peter Anick (Mango Brothers) that we learned from a Mel Bay book and gave our touch. Hard Travelin' is a classic Woody Guthrie folk song that we like to rock. '55 is a ragtime tale about small block Chevys. The End of 'Ol Johnny is a take on the Rapparee song "The End of 'Ol Paddy", about being really hung over - something rarely addressed in Irish drinking songs. ...finest ingredients is a guitar instrumental with licks borrowed from some of our favorite pickers. You're So Fine is a love song for swing dancers. Down at Danny's is a blues number about the state of the blues. Trash 23 is a rock song about all of the garbage on television. New York City Blues is a moan in the tradition of Lonnie Johnson and Eddie Lang.

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34 Days


Image "55" featured on Car Talk!

Image Two months on the American Freeform Roots Chart!

Image "...very nice!" - Blue Suede News

Image Voted Absolute Best Album of 2002 by the Readers of Urban Tulsa

Image "Every band thinks it's a "roots" band, but the Electric Rag Band has the kind of pedigree even chemical stump-remover couldn't extract." -Tulsa World

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